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What we are trying to achieve – Better CPA Network facilitates the access to Data

We offer publishers a unique opportunity to increase their revenue streams from the biggest, newest, best converting brands in the iGaming industry, so your comparison lists are always as fully optimised as possible.

Adapting to Market Changes – As the Global Online Gambling Market has shifted continuously in the past couple of years due to the nature of domestic and international gambling regulations, and the consolidation of advertisers and publishers, there is a need for a newly set of publishing marketing techniques that are adapted to current market changes.

Wealth of Data  – We can identify new opportunities with unlimited growth potential that would help you monetise on partner marketing opportunities in the iGaming space.

A New Media Landscape
Capitalising on geolocation and tracking potential by identifying where, why and how the most profitable users are coming from, has led to a great impact in the various divisions between the value iGaming publishers can secure from employing various Earned, Owned and Paid Media Advertising.

Value from Data – Disrupting the way we look at data from an iGaming user acquisition perspective. Constant Improvement and growth means pulling value from data and applying live insights so you can pivot and respond in a quick manner to market dynamics as they shift, offering you full control on data. 

Take Faster Decisions – We assist publishers to succeed as through a high level of data granularity which translates into understanding how the existing metrics break down by traffic type, partner, geo and ad placement.

We offer a scalable solution that would completely reverse the rules of User Acquisition.

You will be able to unlock sustainable growth pathways by offering your teams to apply data driven decisions and respond to industry opportunities and challenges in a real time manner.

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